Spring 2015, Volume 2, Number 1

Gender and Migration


  1. A Gendered Analysis of Refugee Peacebuilding: Transnational Networks for Peace. Anna Snyder
  2. Overcoming obstacles through hidden nuptial paths: Foreign Muslim purported spouses marrying in Italy. Federica Sona
  3. Bilingualism and Gender in the Literature of Iranian Women in the Diaspora. Leila Samadi Rendy
  4. Returning ‘home’ after retirement? The role of gender in return migration decisions of Spanish and Turkish migrants. Anita Bocker and Anoeshka Gehring
  5. Consequences of Feminised Migration on Families: The Case of Filipino Women.
    Caridad T. Sri Tharan

Book reviews

  1. The Oxford Handbook of Refugee & Forced Migration Studies (by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Gil Loescher, Katy Long and Nando Sigona (eds.) Bahar Baser
  2. Institutional Change in Turkey: The Impact of European Union Reforms on Human Rights and Policing (by Leila Piran). Elsa Tulin Sen
  3. State, Faith and Nation in Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Lands (by Frederick F. Anscombe). Selcuk Aydin